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Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe

Designed by Sophie Albau, Paul & Joe’s women’s wear collection bears the designers fresh and colorful aesthetic. Each vibrant and stand out pattern is softened by feminine fabrics, offering women an energetic splash of color with luxe texture. 

Paul & Joe, named for the Albau’s two boys, launched in 1995 as a menswear collection. The designs contrasted strongly with mens fashion at the time, but offered a young and retro alternative – it was a resounding success. Such warm reception spurred Albou to create her women’s wear line. What began as shirts and trousers rapidly evolved into the elegant statement pieces we see today.

Albou, a “resolute non conformist” affords women the same luxuries she enjoys in her own close – fashionable pieces that can be mix and match and accessorized according to moods or timetable.

Sophia Albou graduated from the French Fashion Instate, joining  Azzedine Alaia where she developed her talent and her generous style.  For six year she  was a stylist for Le Garage Shirts before she began her career as a designer.